Digital nomads in the third age


Tzuzamen – Digital Nomads in the Third Age

In Yiddish language “Tzuzamen” Means “Together” 
“Tzuzamen” a bit strange name for website, this and more in Yiddish … Apparently the years and age did something to us and we are in a constant search for reminders to our roots.

The blog is composed of small life stories and events that motivated us to do what we do today, especially in a desire to encourage every reader to dream, to dare and realize his dream.

The blog introduction was written back in 2013, when we had just start writing the blog.  At that time the blog was not formally published, it was intended to be read by my father, our children, close-family and good friends. 

With the time we felt connected to the writing and to those who followed us, supported and encouraged – So we moved here and called the blog “Tzuzamen” – So that you would be “Together with us.

My name is Yael, the mate of Ron-Ami, the mother of Tom and Dor, and I have a dream!

When our son was 4 years old, we found out he had a Tourette Syndrome. Our lives have changed completely. 
We had some difficult years – mentally, physically and economically. The resources required to raise a child with special needs are above and beyond what a normal person can imagine. Very quickly we learned that “Knowledge equals Power”, so we set ourselves a goal to gather as much knowledge as possible about the syndrome and other symptoms we have seen on Dor. We put all our energy in raising Dor to become an independent person, who will not become burden on himself, on his sister, and on the society – I think we have succeeded – big time. 

At the same time, we had to put a lot of energy on ourselves – in our relationship.

Revealing sudden in the middle of life that you have a child with special needs, is not simple and not easy at all. One says, “leave it, it’s nonsense, you are a Polish Mother” and the other says, “You stick your head in the sand…” (like an ostrich…). One says, “you imagine and exaggerate…” and the other says, “you live in denial…”.  In addition, we had to keep the entirety of our home and family, to remember that another girl (a gorgeous girl!!!) lives at the same home, to work and make our living, to take care of a couple of senior parents (I really had a great privilege of doing it) and suddenly… One bright day – it’s all over.  

The couple of senior parents passed away. The son grew up and prove that nothing can stand his wills, that he is already self-aware and knows his limitations. The daughter spread wings, and went to study in the university, I became totally tired of my work, and even Arthur and Comet – my beloved dogs-passed away.

This was the point where Ron-Ami and I decided to go on a journey, to see the world, to do only things that we want and love, things that we have dreamed on many of them and we could not accomplish, to devote time only to ourselves and to our relationship that withstand the years and I wish myself that it would continue to withstand the coming years.

One of our dreams (mostly mine) was a journey to New Zealand.

We have adopted the motto: “Life are Here and Now” – Now is the Time and Place to fulfill every dream! We are guests for a borrowed time on earth, we will try to fulfil our dream, even if in our way we will encounter difficulties – they will make us stronger, immune us and empower the fulfilment of the dream.

We went on an adventure in December 2013.  We traveled 3 amazing months in these wonderful islands named New Zealand, where we had great and powerful experience.

We returned home on March 2014. In July Ron-Ami had a second heart attack. 

On March 2015, we went to Lithuania, and as you read in a post on Lithuania (I didn’t make peace and this is one of the things I still have to do), we came back with the knowledge that Dor has a tumor. Dor had undergone surgery and he his fine – but deep inside was a big fracture. 

July 2015, I’m not able to ascend. I’m completely out of my reach… Ron-Ami suggest: “Let’s go to Poland” he said to me, “for a year, we will try to make my dream come true. It’s only 4 hours flight to Israel. If Dor will need us we can return at any moment”.  

Without thinking twice, I said yes… 

Within two months, we hand out most of the content our house. We’ve moved the rest of the content to a warehouse. We packed some clothes and personal belongings and we went on another adventure. Since we’ve been there.  

Years have passed and we still traveling. Choosing the time and place to do what we love. It’s not always easy or simple, but we are faithful to choose to try and make our dreams come true.

Rolf Potts, author of the Book Vagabonding defined in his book The Concept of “vagabond” and wrote that “A vagabond is  homeless by choice”, We have already felt bonded to this definition and at this time of our lives – we want to be nomads. 

Potts wrote (and I add here from my thoughts…): “We are living in a crazy track, gathering objects like fancy cars,  big house, filling our surroundings with material things, taking a mortgage, gaining debts, hoping to get a job with high salary so we will be able to pay our debts, being angry at banks, being angry at our manager at work and on politicians who laugh every day On their way to the bank, raising children, investing in them the best of our time and taking care of their health and their future, send them to protect the homeland, while we live in worries and constant fear, and the most difficult for me – in an endless daily stress. Sometimes I feel like I live in a big pressure cooker and not at house. 

Potts asked in one of the chapters in his book – “Why can’t we feel every day like Saturday?”  Think about it… What’s wrong with Potts’s question? Why can’t we just feel every day like Saturday? 

We decided that, “This is the Time to make any of our dreams come true”, and wish ourselves a blessing written by Rolf Potts in his book – “May a road be ahead of us all the way long”…